School Advisory Committee (SAC)

SAC is responsible for working with and providing support to the Principal, Director of Preschool and other related parish staff in certain aspects of St. John the Baptist Catholic School and Steppingstones Preschool such as assisting in recommending and monitoring policies, recommending tuition rates and monitoring the budget, monitoring and assisting with the implementation of the MNSAA school improvement plan, developing and assisting implementation of a marketing plan, and researching and collecting data to address various concerns. Sub-committees include marketing, school improvement, finance, technology, and policy. Members are expected to attend monthly committee meetings and school related events as requested, including but not limited to Open Houses, Parish Leadership Meetings (biannual) and State of the School Meeting.

The council members may also attend separate meetings with individual committees based on assignment.

Parents interested in serving on this council must submit an application. Click here for application. Members serve 3 year terms.

Click here for information on Council members roles, responsibilities and committees.

Council Roles

  • Chair: Conduct and lead council meetings, including drafting of agenda and communication to council members of meeting details; establish and coordinate subcommittees for specific tasks
  • Vice Chair: Serve as Chair in Chair’s absence; maintain council contact list and school webpage (via Parish Communications director)
  • Secretary: Scribe of minutes for all meetings and provide copy to all council members; identify council member to serve in this capacity in case of absence
  • Liasions: (non-voting)
    • Parish Priest
    • School Principal
    • Parish Council member – provides updates to the council on Parish Council related events and shares SAC information with the Parish council
    • Home and School member – provides updates to the council on Home and School related events and shares SAC information with the Home and School committee
    • Parish Member - selected by the Parish Priest to represent a non-parent view to the council

Sub Committees:

Policy: Support school administration by researching and developing policies as needed. Staff is then responsible for the implementation of these policies. Such policies could include tuition payment, harassment/bullying, admissions, etc.  

Marketing: Develop and implement initiatives to increase awareness of St. John’s/Steppingstones and continuously grow enrollment. Initiatives include open house promotions, community events and outreach programs. Advertising, messaging, press relations and digital/social media tactics are under the guidance of the Communications Director and may be implemented by the marketing committee. This committee currently works in partnership with the Home and School committee.

FinanceWorks with the school principal and the parish business administrator to develop an annual budget for the school. Topics include setting tuition rates, determining salary increases for staff, and reviewing expenditures within the school. Detailed budget information is reviewed and adjusted on a quarterly basis.

School Improvement: Assist the school principal in the development and implementation of the school’s Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is an integral component of the school’s accreditation with MNSAA. Overall objectives and action steps are developed yearly.

TechnologyResponsible for assisting with the overall technology infrastructure within the school and parish. Items that the committee helps with include hardware, software, security, email systems, and general advisory for all technology needs. The Technology Committee works collaboratively with the school principal and school IT coordinator.